You’re not watching the game unless you’re doing it with a cold glass in your hand and the delicious balance of malt, hops and barley in your mouth. SKYBOKX 109 is excited to offer over 20 beers on tap, including a rotating collection of local brews from the Natick area and all of your national and international craft beer favorites.


Wait, you don’t know what makes a beer a Craft Beer? That’s okay, neither do your friends. We’ll educate you, so you can educate them. The Brewer’s Association (yes, that’s a real thing) sets a few rules to help determine what can be called a “Craft Beer.” To qualify, the brewer must use traditional brewing methods, operate independently and make the beer in small batches. While we know it seems wrong to brew any beer in small batches, it helps to assure quality and flavors unique to each recipe.

Back in the nineties, when smaller breweries really started gaining steam, they were referred to as “microbreweries.” When you ordered a microbrew, you knew you were getting something unique, something different from the domestics cluttering up the shelves at local store. But as these breweries gained popularity they also grew in size, and soon they were too large to legally call themselves “microbreweries” (chalk up one more thing ruined by politicians). These breweries still wanted a term to define them and help distinguish the quality products they were selling, which eventually birthed the term “Craft Beer.”

Brewers of craft beer aren’t trying to replicate the beer you already know, they are passionately combining unique flavors and ingredients to find something new for beer drinkers to enjoy. They aren’t trying to manufacture a beer for you to drink, they are crafting one for you to experience.

It Doesn't Have to Be Craft Beer to Be Satisfying…